House Washing

Our low pressure/soft wash process uses a customized cleaning solution, mixed on site according to the types of stains, dirt, mold and mildew on your home. The solution is gently applied using low pressure. We let the cleaning solution dwell allowing the soaps to break the bond the dirt and mold have on the exterior of your home.

We then use low pressure (under 300 PSI) to rinse the dirt, mold, mildew, spider webs and soap from your home using fresh water.

A house wash includes the facia, gutters, soffits, walls, trim, windows, doors entrance way and front porch.

NOT included in a house wash are driveways, sidewalks, roofs, gutter interiors, decks, pool decks and the inside of screened lanais or porches. We will be happy to give you an estimate for any item not included with a house wash